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  • ACCESS Shelter | Support from Mace®

    ACCESS Shelter | Support from Mace®

    Let’s Empower Vulnerable People to More Forward with Confidence Our primary mission as a company is to help keep people safe, so they can confidently move through life. We believe...
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  • Domestic Violence Insights | Mace®

    Domestic Violence Insights | Mace®

    Surprising Insights on Domestic Violence That We All Should Know About Trigger warning: This post contains references to domestic violence and sexual abuse. Please be advised. If you or someone...
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  • How to Stay Safe on Campus | Mace®

    How to Stay Safe on Campus | Mace®

    Advice from an NYU Student on How to Stay Safe on Campus While campuses are generally becoming safer, according to The National Center for Education Statistics, burglary, motor vehicle theft,...
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  • Video Blog - Sometimes 'Nothing

    Video Blog - Sometimes 'Nothing" Means Good

     If nothing happens, is that a good thing? Or as the old saying goes, close only counts in darts and horseshoes - right? How about when it comes to your personal safety? Do we ever really know how close a close call really is? Sometimes when nothing happens, it's a good thing.

    Hear what happened to one young lady recently as told to us by the founder and President of the Diamond Arrow Group, Kelly Sayre:

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