Volunteers of America is Empowering Veterans - How You Can Help

It's a new community village specifically made for women who are veterans of our armed forces. It offers affordable housing, which is an empowering step for many who are finding it a challenge to find a place to call home. Many veterans are dealing with the traumatic effects of serving in the military. 

It's a project spearheaded by Volunteers of America Ohio & Indiana, an organization that makes a difference in communities across the country. See who's being helped in the community where Mace® Brand calls home, and find out how you can also help. 


The village provides a safe, nurturing environment for women veterans to heal and thrive. It's called the Judge Sara J. Harper Village in the Glenville community of Cleveland. The location is within walking distance to the VA Hospital, and Volunteers of America Ohio & Indiana Director of Development Becky Carlino calls the project "a Cleveland grown" project that involves local architects and builders, and includes guidance from the city of Cleveland and local government representatives.  

According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, women comprise the fastest growing segment of the homeless veteran population, with an estimated 25 percent experiencing military sexual trauma. These new units will benefit the women veterans who are selected to live there. 

The village is a sanctuary on the east side of Cleveland, and is just a short walk from well-maintained parks and cultural centers. When all of the units are finished, 12 military veterans and families will call this village home.



Volunteer, donate, give back to your community. Just click on this link for more information, and find the nearest Volunteers of America connection closest to where you live. Volunteers of America has also set up a specific website to allow you to select what you'd like to donate to the veterans: from toiletries to basic cleaning and household supplies, you can decide how your donation is spent. 


VOA Ohio & Indiana donation link

For an idea of what many veteran's deal with, take a few minutes to listen to Kim's story, she was brave enough to share it:

The first residents should be moved in by the end of the summer. Stay safe everyone. At Mace® Brand, it's our mission to provide community and family safety through individual empowerment. 

At Mace® Brand, we take great price in local community projects, and we're proud to support this initiative. Each new resident will be receiving a neon Personal Triple Action Pepper Spray from Mace Brand. 

Additional information: Female Veterans Face Struggles with Mental Health - CBS evening news story.

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