MACE® Brand Trademark Guidelines 

The world-renowned MACE® Brand is the original trusted brand for personal defense sprays and other personal defense products. Our mission is to empower the world through safety and security. Through innovative products, support programs, and personal customer service, we are the #1 globally recognized consumer brand in safety and security. We feel proud that our products have been protecting you for over 50 years. 

The Mace® trademark is registered in many countries around the world. To protect our trademark, it must be always used properly to ensure brand integrity, protect our assets and the consumers who have come to associate MACE® Brand products with the quality we are known for. 

 Important Do’s and Don’ts to Follow When Using our Marks: 

1. Always use the MACE® mark when referring to genuine Mace® brand products. Do not use the mark when referring to another company’s product. Mistakenly using our mark when referring to another company’s product confuses consumers into thinking the product originates from us when it does not. 

2. When referring to our products, the Mace® mark must always be used in the following format as illustrated in the example below:

     A. Capitalize the first letter of the mark or present it in all capital letters; and 

     B. Always place the registered trademark symbol “®” immediately following the mark; and 

    C. Add the word “Brand” and/or the generic name of the product 

3. The following statement must be included in your print or electronic communication where the Mace® mark is used: 

”MACE® is a registered trademark of Mace Security International, Inc.” 

4. Always use the Mace® mark as a singular adjective. NEVER use as a verb (e.g., maced, macing) or a noun, or in plural or possessive form. (e.g., maces, mace’s). 

Good Example:  “Mace® Brand personal safety and security products prepare you to protect yourself when it counts.” 

Incorrect Example: “Be sure to take mace with you when you walk the dog.” 

5. Product names may include more than one trademark. In those cases, be sure that all marks used include the “ABC” elements in #2 above. 

Good Example: MACE® Brand GUARD ALASKA® pepper spray 

6. Do not change the color or font or otherwise modify any of our trademarks or logos. Use of our logos also includes guidelines as to spacing and size that we will provide you upon request for permission to use. 

7. When referring to our company name, Mace Security International, Inc., use of the ® symbol is not required, but please do not shorten or abbreviate our company name. 

8. Unless you have received our express permission to do so, never incorporate or combine our marks with your own, or another party’s product names, trademarks, company names, or domain names, or in any other manner that would suggest an affiliation, endorsement, or sponsorship with Mace Security International, Inc. 

When do you need specific permission to use our trademarks? 

You may use our trademarks when authorized by applicable law, provided you comply with these guidelines. 

For all other uses of our trademarks, you must obtain written permission, or a separate license agreement from Mace Security International, Inc. 

List of Marks 

While the MACE® mark is our most famous brand name, the above guidelines apply to all our trademarks. Some of our trademarks include: 


The list of trademarks provided here is fluid and may be updated from time-to-time and without notice. Note that the list is not comprehensive, and the omission of any of our marks does not represent any waiver of any intellectual property rights. 

Contact Us 

We ask that you contact us at to learn more about our trademarks and other intellectual property, to request specific authorization or permission to use our trademarks, or if you become aware of any improper use of our trademarks.