Several Mace pepper sprays, including the Sport and Pocket Pepper sprays,
are designed with features that make it very difficult to remove them
from your hands. From straps to trigger guards, Mace has several
products that are built to keep this from happening.

No, you cannot kill someone with pepper spray. If you spray him in the
face, your attacker will be incapacitated for 20-30 minutes, but he will
recover long after you have gotten away.

If you need to defend yourself with a Mace pepper spray or gel, spray
your attacker directly in the face. Do not hesitate. Align the spray/gel
directly into your attacker’s eyes and if there is only one attacker,
empty the entire can into his face.  Do not worry about how many bursts
you can get from the spray/gel, empty it into  the attacker’s face and
get away.

The Mace Pocket Size Spray is
our most popular self-defense keychain. It’s smaller size (but it has
plenty of power) is easier to keep on a keychain without being too bulky
in your pocket.

Your pepper spray has a 4-year shelf life. The expiration date is
printed on each can.  However, if you ever must use your pepper spray,
it should be replaced.  Do not assume there is enough “left in the can”
if you have used it to defend yourself.

Pepper spray/gel should not be exposed to temperature extremes, just
like any aerosol can product. Temperatures above 120 F and below 10 F
should be avoided.

Tasers® shoot wired probes at an attacker and allow the user to deliver a
shock from a distance. Stun guns require that the user press the stun
gun’s prongs into the flesh of the attacker to deliver the shock. Read
more here.

Pepper spray is easier to carry on a keychain or in your pocket due to
their smaller size and included key rings. Pepper Gel is easier to clip
to a sun visor, a book bag or keep on your nightstand.  Also, pepper gel
is better for inside of your home defense, because gel is much less
likely to be drawn into your HVAC system and spread throughout the house
like an aerosol pepper spray can be.

Mace recommends choosing a bright color
spray and keeping it visible.  Pepper spray has a strong deterrent
factor and a brightly colored spray will show potentials that you are
armed and take your self defense seriously.  Further, a brightly colored
spray is easier to find in your bag/purse in a hurry and when you are
under duress.

All Mace alarms are 130 decibels. This is similar in intensity to an airplane taking off.

No, there is no need for a concealed carry license to carry pepper
spray, but please check the laws in your state to review laws that may
restrict pepper spray to citizens of a minimum age or without a prior
felony conviction.