What is a Stun Gun? - Mace® Brand Has Answers

We get this question all the time - "What is a Stun Gun?" The short answer is: a stun gun is a portable safety device you can use to protect yourself by "stunning" or "jolting" a would-be assailant.


Stun guns disable a person by delivering a temporary, high-voltage electric shock. Mace® Brand stun guns provide a powerful and convenient option for self-defense. Each provides a variety of options to fit your lifestyle and self-defense needs.

All are very easy to use.

When you sense that you are in a potentially dangerous situation, have your stun gun in hand and ready to use. The powerful LED feature of the Ergo Stun Gun is activated by depressing the round black button located in the finger grip area. Use the LED to momentarily distract the assailant. To arm the stun gun, slide the arming switch forward, from the OFF position to the ON position. The LED above the arming switch will glow bright red and the device is ready use.

Many times, the sound alone will prevent an attack. The electrical arc and the loud snapping sound is intimidating. The most effective stun locations for figuring out how to stun a person are the shoulder, hip, thigh, buttocks and below the rib cage. See how easy a Compact Stun Gun is to use in this video:


A Mace® Brand, a stun gun is typically less than $50, while a taser is much more expensive - ranging from $300 to $900.

A stun gun is convenient to carry, which is not the case with a taser.  Plus, (inks to products) has security features that aren’t part of  in a taser device. The (link to product )has a bright LED light, a strobe light, and emits a loud sparking sound, also acts as a deterrent to potential attackers. 


The choice is yours, and we can certainly narrow it down for you when it comes to which stun device is best for your personal safety. Here is a quick and easy reference guide:

 PALM STUN DEVICE: As the name implies, this is a device that fits in the palm of your hand. Ideal for runners and hikers, it's small but still packs a punch.

 COMPACT STUN GUN: One of our top sellers, this stun gun is a bit larger and includes an LED light, which is a great option for campers and those of you on the go. 

 CARABINER STUN GUN: This model conforms to the shape of your hand, and is a great value when it comes to the price. 

 FLASHLIGHT STUN GUN: It includes a tactical flashlight, and is very popular with law enforcement.

VARIABLE FOCUS STUN GUN: This stun gun has three flashlight mode settings, and also is great to take with you on outdoor adventures, plus many people use it as go-to item when the power goes out.

 ERGO STUN GUN WITH BRIGHT LED: You guessed it, this conforms to your hand and has a bright LED light to help you illuminate your target. 

 All can be found on our website, MACE.COM.

And be sure to check out all the Mace Brand social media platforms. We encourage you to engage, educate, and empower yourself and your loved ones. 

Let Mace® Brand be your guide to staying safe. We aim to provide community and family safety through individual empowerment. Stay safe everyone.

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