Ready to Get Outside? Let Safety Be a Guide - Mace® Brand Can Help

Got cabin fever? Get outside. Are you ready to run? Or at least walk fast? I think we all are. And now is the time to engage outdoors. For most of us, that means dusting off the tennis shoes and getting some exercise. Perhaps you have a growing family - a new baby, a new dog, a new set of friends that like to exercise. As you head out to the neighborhood or a nearby park, keep your personal safety in mind. Let Mace® Brand be your guide to staying safe while you're enjoying the great outdoors.


You've heard the saying "you have to learn to walk before you can run," well, the same holds true when it comes to your personal safety. Let's walk you through some safety tips for when you head outside.

  • Make it social 
  • Be visible
  • Follow basic traffic laws

Let's expand on these tips. The expression "safety in numbers" rings true for your personal safety when you're outside walking or running. Look for friends or neighbors to join you, or get connected with a hiking or walking group in your area. You're less likely to become a target if you travel in groups. 

Wear bright-colored or reflective clothing, even in the daylight. It's not just a fashion trend, it makes good safety sense. Neon apparel is popular right now, and it's smart to be seen at all times.

Be sure to be aware of the traffic laws and sidewalk conditions where you'll be walking or running. Remember, on most roads it's best to go against the flow of traffic so you can see what is coming at you. Walking or running in designated lanes as part of a park system can be a bit confusing. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the proper flow before heading out on foot. 


  • Go with a friend - pets count!     

Can't find a human friend? Take your pet with you. And at Mace® Brand, we have the perfect companion for you and your pet - Muzzle Dog Repellent Pepper Spray. Not all dogs and humans are friendly. Our Muzzle Dog Repellent spray easily fits into your hand, and can keep you safe from a would be attacker - dog or human. And this spray will not harm the animals. 


Check with your doctor before starting any exercise routine, and take time to stretch before and after any outdoor activity. Stretching and warming up your muscles prior to activity is an important part of muscle and joint health. Just like a car's engine, your muscles work more efficiently when they are warmed up and ready. 

Be honest with with your physical abilities and limitations. Then match your activity levels to your abilities, the "walk before run" mentality is a good idea. 


Employees of Mace® Brand enjoy many activities at different levels. Most of us are just like you, and that's why we use many of our employees in our instructional videos. We want to help you feel empowered, and we do that through our educational blogs and videos. 

Our team tests our pepper sprays, pepper gels, personal alarms, stun devices, and even gets first crack at our new products, including the new Chameleon Pepper Spray.  

We've made it easier for you to narrow down your personal safety choices. We have an Outdoor Safety Kit, and a Runners Safety Kit that comes with personal safety devices to fit your outdoor needs. Remember, there's safety in preparation, and preparation leads to empowerment. Take a look at these videos, all are put together with the help of real MACE employees. 

Stay safe everyone.  

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