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Advice from an NYU Student on How to Stay Safe on Campus

While campuses are generally becoming safer, according to The National Center for Education Statistics, burglary, motor vehicle theft, aggravated assault, robbery, and arson are still a fact of life for some students.


We wanted to know what steps students can take to stay safe, whether it’s a college in a large urban center or a less populated rural area. We talked with Sofi Cisneros, an NYU sophomore who is majoring in journalism and politics. 


Here’s what she had to say about her experience attending college in one of the nation’s largest metropolitan areas. 


Do you feel safe on NYU’s campus?

During the day I feel safe around campus because we have so many campus security officers. Plus, I always have my Mace pepper spray connected to my keychain, which I carry around with me at all times. Just in case because you never know. 


What about at night?

At night, I am much more aware of my surroundings. I tend to stay more alert, especially coming home from somewhere late at night. If I’m walking around the city, I tend to stay in areas that are more populated and avoid quieter streets. I always try to stay with at least one friend just for added safety precautions. If I can’t stay with friends, I typically call an Uber instead of walking. 


How does the campus work to keep people safe?

NYU has campus security officers patrolling 24/7. One helpful service offered by campus security is to escort people in their campus security cars. They make sure you get around campus safely, and they’re always there for you if anything happens. 


The campus also issues security alerts whenever something occurs on campus. If there's a robbery at the park, for example, we get a security alert via email minutes after it happens. 


What else do you do to stay safe?

I share my location with friends. Most of us have our location turned on our phones, so we can keep track of each other. If one of my friends isn't responding to my call or text for some reason, I can check their whereabouts. 


My friends and I always pay attention to our surroundings and make sure no one is following us. We carry our phones with us and make sure they are charged. I also know where my Mace is in my bag or I carry it. It’s an easy way to be prepared if something unexpected happens. 


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