• Mace®Brand Pepper Gel -- Magnum 9 Delivers Maximum Heat and Volume

    Mace®Brand Pepper Gel -- Magnum 9 Delivers Maximum Heat and Volume

    In times like these, more of us are concerned about our safety when we’re at home.  Some of us are buying guns, but not everyone is comfortable with owning a firearm.  The Mace® Brand Magnum 9 Pepper Gel provides the best in non-lethal home security, giving you peace of mind. You’re secure in the knowledge that you have the ability to defend yourself and your loved ones without the danger of having a firearm present.
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  • Erica: Stay Safe Late

    Erica: Stay Safe Late

    Erica is a young, single ad executive living in Greensboro, NC who often finds herself working late. Although the crime rate in her city isn’t particularly high, she has always been nervous walking to her car at night through a dimly lit parking garage. For security, Erica keeps her mace hot pink mini pepper spray attached to her keys and in her hand as she walks to her car.
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  • Joe: Beware of Bear

    Joe: Beware of Bear

    Joe is an avid hiker, pursuing a goal to visit every national park in the United States. With years of experience under his belt, he’s a seasoned outdoorsman. However, in 2011, on his second trip to Yellowstone, he encountered an aggressive bear deep in the backcountry.
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  • Tracy: Home, Safe Home.

    Tracy: Home, Safe Home.

    Tracy’s husband John travels often for business. When they had their first child, Tracy and John installed a Mace Video Surveillance System for added protection and peace of mind. One night when John was away on business, Tracy heard a disturbance outside her home. From the safety of her kitchen, with her child at her side, she quickly viewed the Mace security cameras they had installed around the perimeter of their home – all from her mobile phone.
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  • Heather: Street Smarts

    Heather: Street Smarts

    Heather is a marathon runner and young mother living in Denver, who runs while her kids are at school. One warm and sunny morning she was running through City Park, in what is considered a safe area, when a suspicious man suddenly darted towards her from behind a grove of trees. Fortunately, Heather always runs with her Mace Sport Jogger Pepper Spray strapped to her hand of protection...
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