Joe: Beware of Bear

"I carry pepper spray because I want to be prepared for the unpredictable situations that can happen in the wild."

How Mace® Brand Protected Joe

Joe is an avid hiker, pursuing a goal to visit every national park in the United States. With years of experience under his belt, he’s a seasoned outdoorsman. However, in 2011, on his second trip to Yellowstone, he encountered an aggressive bear deep in the backcountry. Unlike the docile bears he had seen in the past, that were simply foraging for food, this bear reared up and began to charge at him. Luckily, Joe always holsters Mace® Brand Muzzle® Bear Spray when he goes hiking, so he knew to calmly and instinctively spray the powerful fogger at the approaching bear as it came into range. Mace Muzzle Bear Spray successfully fended off the bear and Joe was relieved to continue his hike safely, satisfied that the bear would remain unharmed in its natural habitat.

What Could Have Happened

In the great majority of situations, humans and bears coexist peacefully. However, in the past decade, bears have killed some 28 people (source). When bears become aggressive, there is no predicting the outcome, and fleeing only triggers their predatory instinct. The animal’s sheer size and surprising speed makes them one of the most dangerous outdoor predators one can encounter in America. Even in a group, unarmed humans are no match for an aggressive bear – much less a lone hiker, such as Joe.

Why Joe Chose Mace Brand

Joe knew about Mace, having seen fellow hikers carry it in the past. He trusted the Mace brand for being the original pepper spray, and knew it was effective and reliable for personal defense. So, even before his very first hike in the national parks, he picked up a canister of Mace Muzzle Bear Spray to round out his essential gear. Mace Muzzle Bear Spray is a safe, humane, and effective way of protecting yourself against bear attacks while hiking, hunting, fishing, camping, or biking. The powerful fogger delivers extreme distance defense reaching up to 35 feet. Researchers studied the use of bear pepper spray in Alaska over a 20-year period and found that it stopped “undesirable” behavior 94% of the time with grizzlies and 100% with black bears. Many experts have compared bear pepper spray to a seat belt: you’ll probably never need it, but when you do, it could be the difference between life and death.

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