We believe there's power in being prepared.

Mace® Brand personal defense products prepare you to protect yourself when it counts. When you know you’re ready, you can walk through the world with greater confidence. That’s an important advantage. 

It’s smart to take steps to feel more safe, secure and ready for what lies ahead. That’s our hope for every customer who carries Mace® Brand products. 


Mace® Brand Pepper Spray is different.


To be clear, Mace is Pepper Spray. But not all pepper spray is Mace® Brand. Mace began with the invention of a chemical compound in 1965, which later evolved into pepper spray in the 1980s. Our history of innovation continued with the creation of pepper gel in 2004. We brought these products to people around the globe, and we’ve been improving the product to be more effective and easier to use ever since.

Look for the Mace® Brand Authentic Product Seal.


We created our seal of authenticity to separate Mace® Brand from other products. The seal is your guarantee of quality. It’s a way for you to know that the product has been thoughtfully engineered and responsibly produced.

When it comes down to protecting your safety, it’s smart to trust the best. Look for the Mace® Brand Authentic Product Seal at retailers worldwide.