Heather: Street Smarts

"I carry pepper spray because I want both my family and myself to be safe."

How Mace® Brand Protected Heather

Heather is a marathon runner and young mother living in Denver, who runs while her kids are at school. One warm and sunny morning she was running through City Park, in what is considered a safe area, when a suspicious man suddenly darted towards her from behind a grove of trees. Fortunately, Heather always runs with her Mace Sport Jogger Pepper Spray strapped to her hand of protection. When the man approached and began to threaten her, she sprayed a stream of powerful Mace pepper spray directly at his face. He immediately stopped and began coughing and clawing at his eyes, giving Heather time to make her way to a more crowded area of the park where she was able to call for help. The man, who it turns out had a history of violence, was later arrested. What's more important: Heather was still able to pick her kids up from school that day, right on time.

What Could Have Happened

Even in a place you consider safe, you should always be ready to protect yourself, and Heather was well aware of some of the possible dangers in City Park. In 2011 City Park alone saw 50 “crimes against persons” ranging from murder and assault to abductions and sex offenses with no signs of reduction in the crime rate for 2012. In comparison, the city of Denver reported over 5,800 “crimes against persons” in 2011 (source). While City Park continues to be a relatively safe place in Denver, individuals like Heather, must still remain vigilant, especially when alone. Had Heather not been proactive and wise enough to carry Mace Pepper Spray for her personal defense, she could have easily become a statistic.

Why Heather Chose Mace Brand

Mace, the first name in pepper sprays, was in fact the first name that came to mind when Heather considered something for her personal defense and protection. She wanted something small and light enough to carry while jogging, but effective enough to stop an attacker. When she visited the Mace web site, she found many options and chose the Mace Sport Jogger Pepper Spray. For her, it was the most convenient self defense spray that fit her outdoor fitness lifestyle. The adjustable hand strap made it convenient to keep freely in her hand while running, and the flip-top made it safe to carry and simple to use. For Heather, Mace Pepper Spray was an easy decision – and one that may have saved her life.

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