Mace®Brand Pepper Gel -- Magnum 9 Delivers Maximum Heat and Volume

In times like these, more of us are concerned about our safety when we’re at home. Some of us are buying guns, but not everyone is comfortable with owning a firearm. The Mace® Brand Magnum 9 Pepper Gel provides the best in non-lethal home security, giving you peace of mind. You’re secure in the knowledge that you have the ability to defend yourself and your loved ones without the danger of having a firearm present.

The Magnum 9 Pepper Gel by Mace Brand provides maximum heat, maximum volume and the devastating effect of pepper gel to neutralize any intruder.  The formula used to make Mace® pepper gel is the maximum strength allowed by law, and the large volume provided ensures that you will have enough material to stop any attacker. Further, the gel is ideal for in home use since it is less likely to be drawn into a HVAC system (unlike pepper spray) and is easier to aim at close range.  The gel will stick to the attacker, immediately burning their skin and eyes and giving you the opportunity to escape and call the police.

Why Magnum 9?  The unit is easy to use, with a familiar pistol grip and actuator button similar to kitchen fire extinguishers. The devastating effect of the max heat pepper gel can be trained easily into the face of any intruder and reduce the risk of a spray reaching others that may be present in the home.

If the danger lurks outside your home, the pepper gel in the Mace® Brand Magnum 9 is less likely to be affected by wind, is easier to dispense on more than one person than pepper spray, and the size of the canister is a serious deterrent to anyone considering harming you.

For the best in non-lethal home defense, add  Mace® Brand Magnum 9 to your home defense strategy today.



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