Erica: Stay Safe Late

"I carry pepper spray because everybody has the right to be safe."

How Mace® Brand Protected Erica

Erica is a young, single ad executive living in Greensboro, NC who often finds herself working late. Although the crime rate in her city isn’t particularly high, she has always been nervous walking to her car at night through a dimly lit parking garage. For security, Erica keeps her mace hot pink mini pepper spray attached to her keys and in her hand as she walks to her car. One evening, on the way to her car she heard quick footsteps behind her. As she began to pick up her pace, she looked over her shoulder and saw a man start running towards her. Now feeling threatened, she immediately turned and sprayed her Mace® Brand pepper spray directly at his face. As expected, the maximum strength formula stopped the attacker in his tracks allowing Erica to run away. Once she was safely in her car and had pulled out of the garage, she called 9-1-1. In minutes, police arrived and found the man still at the scene, gasping for breath, and arrested him. The garage has since added brighter lighting and security cameras, but nothing makes Erica feel safer than having mace pepper spray in the palm of her hand.

What Could Have Happened

Statistically, roughly 80% of the criminal acts at business offices, shopping centers, and strip malls occur in parking lots and garages (source). The open space, typically dim lighting, and lack of security make these areas a hotbed for crime, even in the safest neighborhoods. As with erica, most people have felt insecure at some point walking in a parking garage at night. Had she not been carrying her mace pepper spray, the likelihood that she would have been robbed or assaulted is extremely high.

Why Erica Chose Mace Brand

When Erica began parking in the garage she knew she needed to have some form of self defense protection that she could rely on. The first thing she thought of was mace. Since 1970, mace has been the leading brand for defense sprays and personal safety. When Erica began to explore her options for pepper sprays, she noticed many that were compact enough to keep on her keychain, yet powerful enough to stop any attacker. She chose the mace hot pink mini because of its color and ultra-compact design for discreetly carrying with her keys every day.

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