Hot Items Right Now From Mace Brand - Why Pepper Gels?

We get this question often: "What are the hottest selling items from Mace® Brand?" The short answer - Pepper Gels. Why? They work well and some come with an LED light.

Customers also want to know the differences between pepper gel and pepper spray. Let's dive into both topics as we keep you informed and educated when it comes to personal safety. At Mace® Brand we take great pride in providing community and family safety through individual empowerment. 



Mace® Brand invented pepper gel - we call it the "stickier cousin" of our pepper spray. Pepper gel is designed to give you a longer range of protection, and it's made with the same super hot peppers used in our popular pepper sprays. Pepper gel is more resistant to wind than pepper spray, making it ideal for outdoor use. It disperses in a steady, tight stream, which also makes it more likely to reach your target in windy conditions. Take a look:

Another important benefit of pepper gels is the LED light that comes with two of our models:  the Night Defender Magnum 3 and the new later this year, the Night Defender Magnum 4. The light turns on when you flip up the top to illuminate your target. See how the LED light works:


Yes, our pepper sprays and pepper gels are made from peppers. At Mace® Brand, the peppers we use are hot peppers. 

Oleoresin Capsicum, that's a big word. Oleo means "oil," and oleoresin means "oil with resins." Capsicum is an ingredient in peppers. Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) is the oily organic resin derived from chili peppers. 


See what some of our customers say about the Night Defender pepper gel. You can read more reviews below each product on our website: WWW.MACE.COM

Love the light on the canister...

"I carry this Mace when going out at night with my dog. We live in a suburb of a city where there could be wild animals...I like to have it with me at all times
JIC. Thanks for adding the light. I bought 2 & will be
back for more. Thanks."

Buy it for peace of mind

"Just the right size, I take it along in my pocket whenever I walk my dogs, I feel more secure knowing that I can protect myself after dark. One never knows when a predator might be lurking and this product allows me to be sure that I am spraying the predator and not myself! I test sprayed it in my yard and the spray went about 15 feet. Works great and I highly recommend this quality product."

 Magnum 3 Pepper Gel comment:

Perfect execution

"Worked extremely well in street attack.......great up close (initial shot) and then at 15 ft ...Broke away from attacker to 12-15 ft ... Accurate and easy to hit target! Powerful stream work well at substantial distance!" 



It's all about patterns, range, and cross-contamination.

Pepper spray tends to spread out at it heads toward your target. Since pepper gel is a thicker formula, it fires in a more targeted stream pattern. When firing pepper spray in windy conditions, it's possible the spray could blow back at you. This is much less likely with pepper gel.

Pepper gel goes further than pepper spray droplets. Most pepper gels have an effective range of up to 18 feet, while most pepper sprays have a range of 12 feet.

Cross-contamination can happen when you fire pepper spray indoors with people nearby. Since pepper gel is thicker and it holds the active ingredients together, it has an advantage over pepper spray and has less of a chance of cross-contamination.

Both pepper gel and pepper spray cause an intense burning sensation to a target's nose, eyes, throat, and skin. The effects last about 45 minutes, which gives you time to escape from a dangerous situation. Pepper gel sticks to an assailant's face, and if the target tries to rub it off, its potency increases.


How you choose to protect and empower yourself is up to you. It's important to stay alert and always be aware of your surroundings. Consider your most common environments and think about how you would use a personal safety product. Many parents choose to equip their college students with a night defender pepper gel because of the LED light and the range that pepper gel provides. We hope you and your loved ones never have to use one our products, but it's best to be prepared.

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