Protecting Your Home Away from Home

Getting away is a popular thing to do right now. And many of us will be taking our home on the road, or calling a new place "home" for a weekend or even longer. Your safety should always be a top priority. And having the right personal safety devices with you is empowering. Let's take a look at what you should consider when protecting yourself and your family in your home away from home. Mace® Brand is here to help. 


Sure you know what to pack when it comes to camping, but what about items for your personal safety? When you're making a last minute stop at Dick's Sporting Goods for essentials, look for the Mace® Brand pepper spray display. Most stores carry a wide range of personal defense items from MACE.® Personal alarms, pepper sprays and gels are great items to have with you. We also have a Camping Safety Kit available on-line, which saves you money if you bundle.


If you're heading out on an adventure in an RV, keep these safety tips in mind that are recommended by Consumer Reports:

  1. Develop a safety checklist of items you need.
  2. Use your seatbelts and stay buckled up when driving.
  3. Be proactive about maintenance.
  4. Watch your tires - replace older tires before you travel.
  5. Be sure the weight is balanced in your RV.
  6. Get a backup camera if your RV does not have one.

Ensuring your family's safety within an RV should be a top priority. Always have a first aid kit and always bring enough water. 


Wherever you decide to call home - be sure to prepare yourself with a Home Safety Defense Kit. 


 A common question we get at Mace® Brand  - can I take my pepper spray on an airplane? The short answer: not with you or inside a carry-on, but many airlines do allow you to transport pepper spray in your checked bags. A word of advice, check with your airline and be very specific about what you plan to pack in your checked bags. Something to consider, we have a link for you to find the nearest store that carries our personal defense products at your destination. Just put in the zip code and find out where you can purchase Mace Brand products when you arrive. 

It's fun to see how close you are to a retailer that carries MACE®, even if you're not on vacation. Stay safe everyone. 

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