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Three Ways You Can Make 2023 Your Safest Year Yet

As the new year starts, you’re probably making your list of resolutions—to eat healthier, exercise more, spend more time with loved ones, etc. When you’re making your list, consider adding: “Enhance personal safety.” 

The truth is that our safety is often taken for granted. We assume we are safe in most situations—and by and large, we are. But, taking a few proactive steps can help you prevent bad situations from happening altogether. This isn’t about becoming a more paranoid and suspicious you in 2023. It’s about changing your mindset to better protect yourself and those you love. 

Here are three smart steps you can take to up the ante and better protect your safety in 2023: 

#1 Learn how to practice situational awareness

Situational awareness is being aware of what’s happening in your environment—at home, at work, and when you’re out and about. It’s being observant of how you and others are behaving and paying attention when something seems off. It’s about recognizing and evaluating the risks associated with our decisions.

Here’s an example: Let’s say you have to park your car every night in a dark, secluded parking lot for your job. Someone who is situationally aware would take a few steps such as: 

  1. Remain undistracted when walking to/from your car. 
  2. Walk to your car with a group of people—safety in numbers.
  3. Carry personal safety devices for protection. 
  4. Notice people gathering or lurking who normally aren’t there.  

Situational awareness also means listening to your gut instincts. If you have the feeling you shouldn’t be somewhere or someone doesn’t seem right—don’t ignore it. Your gut feeling is your sixth sense, and it can keep you alive.

Learn more about Situation Awareness from a law enforcement professional.

#2 Get educated about personal safety devices 

Whether it’s pepper spray, a stun gun, or a personal alarm, there are less lethal options for nearly every person and lifestyle. Whatever you choose, it’s important to understand the benefits/drawbacks of the weapon—and how to use and maintain it properly. Our website offers a variety of resources and how-to-videos on our products, so you can operate them with confidence.

By the way, taking the steps to evaluate and purchase a personal safety device—that’s practicing situational awareness. It’s not taking your safety for granted, but rather taking proactive steps to stay safe. 

#3 Evaluate your home’s security

Even if you feel like you live in a safe community, make sure you also look closely at your home and surroundings to identify risks. Here’s the reality: Most home invasions are crimes of opportunity. According to SecurityNerd, there are approximately 2.5 million burglaries each year, and only 12% of break-ins are planned.

That said, if you don’t lock your car, doors, or windows, you’re making it easy for a criminal to get inside. Or let’s say your property doesn’t have outdoor lighting or a security camera. These are all characteristics that criminals are looking for in a target.

This home security checklist from SafeWise can help you methodically evaluate nearly every aspect of your home.

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