A Personal Alarm to Fit Your Lifestyle - We Have What You Need

They're colorful, loud, and some even have a built-in whistle. Some attach to your wrist, others your bookbag or purse, and still others clip right to your belt or coat. We're all about personal safety that includes personal alarms at Mace® Brand - and we're here to help you as the experts in personal protection. A personal alarm is a great choice for everyone since it has no age restrictions, and all of our personal alarms are legal in every state. You can even take them on a plane. When it comes to your personal safety, trust Mace® Brand to help you make a wise choice. 


Let's start by considering the choices: a personal alarm keychain, a personal alarm wristlet, and a personal alarm clip. We have what you need to empower yourself and your family. 


You've probably seen these colorful alarms on our social media platforms or perhaps at big retailers like Dick's Sporting Goods or Auto Zone. This alarm comes with a built-in whistle. A perfect choice for younger children or older adults - the whistle is at the bottom, the button to turn on the alarm is at the top. Perhaps your mother or grandmother could use either the whistle or the alarm as a help signal. Dads and grandfathers too. 








To activate the personal alarm wristlet, just pull out the pin to trigger the alarm. Put the pin back in to stop the sound.

To use a MACE® clip alarm, just grab and remove the alarm body and the spring-loaded clip with then trigger the alarm.

You can decide which alarm works best for your lifestyle. Some people like to hold an alarm in their hand, while others prefer a hands-free approach. The important thing to remember when it comes to personal alarms is that a loud sound always attracts attention, and attention is not what a would-be assailant wants. 

Think about how and where you would use a personal alarm. On your purse or bookbag? Attached to a briefcase or suitcase? In your car? In your hand on the way to and from your car? On a stroller? Perhaps you'll attach it to your child's backpack.

Try all three types, and help empower your loved ones.

Stay safe everyone. Remember, we're here to help you when it comes to protecting yourself and your family. Education is empowerment. 


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