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Self-Defense Products Every College Student Should Know About. Plus, More Smart Campus Safety Tips.

The college experience has so many upsides—finding new interests, learning new things, and meeting new people. While most campuses work hard to keep students and faculty safe, crimes like burglaries and sexual assault remain a reality.

How can you stay safe?

No matter what your preference, there are personal protection products you can carry to keep yourself safe if you end up in a bad situation. Keep reading to see some of the latest options.

Speaking of options: What are they?

We’ve spent a lot of time getting to know our customers and what people are looking for in personal safety products. Our products are non-lethal, meaning they can impair someone, but aren’t intended to kill. They’re designed to help you walk around feeling a little more confident without feeling weighed down—and we offer a range of options, so there’s virtually something for everyone.

Here are a few options we’re really excited about.

Pocket Hero™ Pepper Spray

What’s great about the Pocket Hero pepper spray is its small size. But, don’t be fooled. It packs a serious punch. You can throw it in a bag or slide it into your pocket, so you’re ready when it counts. Plus, it’s easy to use and has safety features to avoid accidental discharge. Just put your fingers into the grips, hit the buttons and fire–check out this how-to video to see for yourself. 

Palm Stun Devices

Another small device that delivers a big impact. These tiny stun guns fit in your pocket or bag, and it is easy to carry in your hand without someone noticing. Delivers a powerful .34 microcoulomb stun. What are microcoulombs? Here’s your answer. Spoiler: The more, the better. But don’t be fooled by crazy claims.

Save on Safety Kits – Now 25% Off 

If you want access to all the personal safety options, now’s the time to buy. Mace is offering 25% off on Safety Kits with multiple devices—personal alarms, stun guns and pepper spray—or bulk-buy options to stock up. 

Find Out More About Staying Safe on Campus

Explore this collection of articles focused on college safety from the experts at Mace. We want parents, students and teachers all to be prepared and stay safe out there. 

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