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September is self-improvement month. We all could use some inspiration for self-growth, right? We get it, you're busy and your time is valuable. We'll share practical, easy-to-implement guides that empower you to be the best version of yourself. And, we'll share how to incorporate personal safety into your self-improvement journey.



Simple enough. The more you move, the better. You don't have to start by running a marathon. Heck, you don't need to run at all. Just walk.

Do you know what happens to you when you walk just one mile every day? Your concentration improves, you'll feel healthier, your stress levels may decrease, your mood improves, and more. So why not start with that goal? Then, over time, focus on how to improve efforts and up your movement goals. 

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What comes to mind when you hear the word exercise? Perhaps you don't have pleasant thoughts, it may feel like another chore that is tough to complete or you may not think you have the time for exercise. If we change how we view the concept of exercise and fitness, we just might realize it can serve as an important means to self improvement. Here are six simple ways to empower yourself through exercise while prioritizing personal safety as well.


Just because your neighbor is into CrossFit or mountain biking doesn't mean you have to join that crowd. One of the simplest and best self development tips is to pick something you enjoy. Some parents take hikes or do yoga with their children. Bike riding is also a family favorite. And for those of you going solo, you don't have to join a gym to find a favorite activity. Walking can provide great benefits, especially if you include a few hills. Another idea is to think about the activities you enjoyed as a child. Swing sets and other outdoor activities like hiking or canoeing can get the heart pumping. 


We all see people fixated on their watches or phones while exercising. For some it's a good way to measure progress, for others it becomes a negative if the chosen activity is taking much longer than expected.

If you're out for a walk, focus on walking, not on the time or distance you have to go. Remember, especially in group activities, the fact that you're "in the game" can have a positive impact both mentally and physically.


MACE® pepper spray - you've probably heard of it. It's our best known product, and remember, pepper spray is what's in the cannister, MACE® is the brand. Having pepper spray on hand while beginning your self-improvement journey can give you the confidence to get out and explore new activities.

MACE® also delivers other non-lethal personal protection devices. We're the inventors of pepper gel, a personal safety product well call the "stickier cousin" of pepper spray. And we have stun devices and personal alarms.

To keep it simple, if you're going solo while outside and being active, prepare yourself with a sport model pepper spray or a personal alarm keychain. Or, if you're going for a run and don't have pockets, consider our new palm stun device.


No explanation needed here. Having fun is the top priority of self-improvement. Consider changing your routine to keep things interesting. Aim to accomplish these activities with the confidence of a 4 year old wearing a superman costume!


As the old saying goes, 'All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy', and Jill a dull girl as well. Be sure to get out of your work mode and schedule play days. Yes, schedule play days.


Not only is there safety in numbers, having an exercise buddy or group can help you stay on track and encourage self-growth. It's natural to look forward to a group activity, and supportive friends can hold you accountable on your self-improvement journey. Don't underestimate the positive mental outlook that comes with interacting with others. 


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