Staying Safe - 7 Travel Safety Tips from Mace® Brand

Ready to squeeze in a vacation before your Fall routine kicks in? You're not alone. Hotels, airports, and rental car companies are seeing an influx of travelers right now, and with that comes the need to increase your awareness.  How will you stay safe while you're not at home? Let us be your guide to help ensure your personal safety and empowerment with these 7 safe traveling tips.


Long lists of things not to do are annoying, aren't they? So let's get this tip out of the way first. Every week we hear about people falling off cliffs or getting attacked by animals because they were taking a selfie, hoping to capture the moment. Sure you want to share photos of your getaway, but use some common sense. Stay on marked trails, stay away from the wildlife, and stay safe for your next adventure. It all comes down to knowing your personal limits. Your personal safety matters. 


We all can't wait to get into our hotel, but how many of us take a minute or two to learn the best ways out of a hotel? Imagine an evacuation at 2 in the morning for a fire. Check out the exit plan posted in the room and prepare yourself. There is safety in preparation. 


Most hotels offer free wi-fi, but not all are secure. Make sure you are connecting to the hotel's actual wi-fi network, and always make sure your computer's firewall is on. Don't be afraid to ask the front desk for assistance if you're having trouble logging on or you get odd pop-up messages. Trust your instincts. 



If you're old enough to remember traveler's checks, you probably remember the warnings about carrying too much cash. It's a good idea to limit your exchange of cash. Credit cards, debit cards, or online transactions are now the safest ways to pay. Plus, this can also save you from potential robbery. 


View spending on your safety as an investment in preserving your future. Almost everything looks good online. It can be temping to pick the lowest rates, but that doesn't always translate to the safest and most reliable choice. Prepare yourself by researching where you're thinking of staying, your flight, and your potential tours. Your personal safety is important, and it's best to book with established hotels and tours with a strong safety record. Educate yourself. 

Consider packing a personal alarm from Mace® Brand. They're legal in all 50 states and are a great way to alert anyone that you need help for any reason. Plus they have a built-in whistle, just in case. At Mace® Brand, we strive to provide community and family safety through individual empowerment.   

Budget flights can be cancelled at a moment's notice. What's your backup plan if your flight is cancelled? Can you book on another airline? Will you get a refund? You should have answers to these questions before you book.  


Airports have everything, right? Sure there's security and cameras just about everywhere, but don't let your guard down. Stay organized, and never let your belongings out of your sight. Also, keep important travel documents with you, including your passport and photo identification. Remember, many flights have connections, and sometimes your checked bags get improperly routed or lost. 


Take a moment to consider the worst case scenarios. A death in the family, a sudden illness, an unexpected event. If you have to cancel your trip for whatever reason, will you get your money back? Find out all you can about cancellation policies before you book, and take a good look at travel insurance. It is always best to be secured. At MACE®, we have many options to help empower and secure you and your loved ones. 

It it always best to do all you can to help ensure your personal safety while you travel. Happy trails. 


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