Back to "Normal?" - Personal Safety for School Kids, Tips from Mace® Brand

Have you added it to the calendar on your phone yet? Do you know when the kids go back to school? Probably. This year will most likely be different once again. You'll need more than a first aid kit. Based on recent years, we've all learned to expect the unexpected.

More students will be heading back to in-person classrooms. We've been focusing on health safety when it comes to school and COVID-19, and we must also keep personal safety in the picture when it comes to our kids and school. Let us be your guide to help you get your children prepared and empowered. Preparation for school starts with addressing several key questions and providing advice for safety on campus.



The answer depends on where you live and what you're comfortable with when it comes to personal safety and wellness. Will masks be required? Is there a plan for social distancing on busses? Is walking even possible when the weather becomes a factor? Who can realistically take your child to and from school each day? Determine your plan, and include a backup. 


Do you order on-line or head out to a store? Maybe a little of each. Are they called sneakers or tennis shoes? Does it matter? Top sellers include Vans, Sketchers, and Chuck Taylor All Star High Tops.


It's a challenge to find a good backpack that will last the entire year. Backpacks have become a bit of a fashion statement as well. 

Kids want several compartments to store all their school stuff. A few of the most popular brands are L.L. Bean, JanSport, and Swissgear. 


Perhaps you had a whistle when you were a kid to let others know you needed help. Now you can provide a whistle and a personal alarm to help ensure your child's personal safety. The Mace® Personal Safety Alarm | Safety Alarm Keychains are designed to easily clip onto a backpack, and they also have a built-in whistle. They're legal in all 50 states and provide that peace of mind to parents. We take our mission of providing community and family safety through individual empowerment seriously.


For younger school kids, tell them it's wise to always take a friend when walking or riding a bike to and from school. Also, encourage them to stay with a group while waiting at the bus stop. Plus, reinforce that kids should always tell a trusted adult if anyone bothers them while going to and from school. 


For older kids, the "don't go out alone" rule is still relevant. There is safety in numbers. Encourage your children to always tell an adult where they are headed. Mace® Brand has you covered when it comes to the personal safety of your children. We've been providing non-lethal personal protection for generations. 

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