Water Safety - Why Seconds Count in Keeping Your Family Safe

It can happen quickly, very quickly. A child or weak swimmer can drown in the time it takes to put on sunscreen, check a fishing line, or reply to a text. As many families take a vacation, now is the time to prepare when it comes to protecting you and your family around water. Do you know the precautions to take? Are you as prepared as you should be?

With a little guidance and advice, we can all make this a safer time for everyone. The Red Cross believes that by working together to improve swimming skills, water smarts, and personal safety in and around water, water activities can be made much safer, and still be just as fun. 


For starters, The American Red Cross offers these tips for water safety.

1. Swim in designated areas supervised by lifeguards.

2. Always swim with a buddy.

3. If you go boating, wear a life jacket.

4. Install and use barriers abound your home pool or hot tub.

If you witness or see someone struggling in the water, remember to "Reach or Throw, Don't Go" as this video from the Red Cross explains. 

Other swimming safety tips to help guide you include using layers of protection in and around water.

  • Even if lifeguards are present, you or another responsible adult should stay with your children.
  • Teach children to always ask for permission to go near water
  • Provide close and constant attention to children you are supervising and be sure to avoid distractions like iphones or other electronic devices.
  • If a child is missing, check the water first and alert the lifeguard and others that you need help.

One of the best ways to alert anyone that you need help is a personal alarm. Mace® Brand personal alarms are easy to carry, and emit a loud shriek with the touch of a button. They also have a built in whistle that makes alerting someone easy. 

 You can clip the alarm right to your keys, or attach it to a purse or backpack. Mace Brand Personal Alarm Keychain | Mace® Brand 

The alarms are legal in all 50 states, and are a popular choice for teenagers as well. It's always best to be prepared and empower your loved ones with a non-lethal form of personal protection.

Going to the pool? Take a look at this quick, but very helpful safety video called "Safety in Seconds."  Source: Safe Kids Worldwide

Seconds count, and you can make swimming much safer by keeping young children within arm's reach, choose an adult responsible for watching kids in the water, and realize even older kids should swim with a partner every time.

More Tips for Water Safety

Protect your skin by wearing sunscreen with a protection factor of at least 15.

Drink plenty of water regularly, even if you're not thirsty, and avoid drinks with alcohol or caffeine in them.

Learn how to respond to emergencies with help from the Red Cross or your local police and fire departments.

Mace® Brand believes there is power in being prepared. Our mission is to provide community and family safety through individual empowerment. 

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