Bike Riding Safety - Tips for Making Memorable Moments

Want to bond with your family? Get some exercise? Get out of the house? If you're nodding your head in agreement, a family bike ride is probably a great option for you. Whether you're riding for the first time or a veteran cyclist, you want to know how to bike safely when you're riding together. Let's take a look at some bike riding safety tips and guide you through some key points to help everyone enjoy the ride and stay safe along the way. And who knows, maybe you'll make a few memorable moments!


When starting out with children on bike rides, your top goal should be to make it fun. Forget about speed, distance, or perfect technique, these all come with repetition and practice. If your goal is fun, your child will be more likely to take many more rides with you. After all, who doesn't like to have fun?


Helmets help to protect all cyclists from potentially serious injury. One of the best bike riding safety tips is to wear one if you go for a ride and make sure every child has one as well. The National Transportation Safety Board says research shows less than half of bicyclists wear helmets, and head injuries are the leading cause of bicycle fatalities. Family and personal safety is always a priority at Mace® Brand. Helmets should fit snugly and sit low on the forehead. Ask a child to yawn, and the helmet should pull down without rocking side to side or back and forth. 


At what age can a child ride safely in the street? It depends on the maturity of the child, but children less than 10 years old are usually not mature enough to ride safely in the street because they must understand and follow the rules of the road. (Source: NHTSA) Remember, a bicycle is considered a vehicle, and everyone who rides a bike on the street is expected to follow the same laws and signals that apply to drivers. You should always ride a bike with the flow of traffic, using the same side of the street as you would if you were driving. And ride in single file.


A stands for Air.

B stands for Brakes.

C stands for Chain.

Make sure your tires have plenty of air, the brakes work, and your chain is in good working order.


Bike trails can present situations where you may need help. From an injury to an unexpected encounter, it's best to prepare. And family safety should always be top of mind. 


Since it has an adjustable hand strap, The Mace® Brand Sport model pepper spray can be mounted to bike handlebars. It's accurate and effective, and provides long-range protection up to 12 feet.


A personal alarm from Mace® easily clips to a set of car keys or a child's backpack. The personal alarms also have a whistle in case you or your our child needs help. Mace® Brand is committed to providing community and family safety through individual empowerment.



It's always a good idea for everyone who rides a bike to stand out from drivers who may not be paying close attention. That means lights and reflectors, and if you have kids, you know how popular LED lights are right now. Yes, they make LED lights for spokes, wheel rims, and the entire bike frame. The point is to increase visibility and reduce the chances of an accident. It's fun and empowering to have one of the "cool bikes" in the neighborhood.

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