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Police Pepper Spray from Mace® Brand is exactly what the name implies: it's the spray many law enforcement officers carry. Why do they carry it? The short answer is it's easy to clip onto a belt and it works extremely well. Others choose to carry it for different reasons - including the unique features mentioned in this video.

 It's also easy to use. Just flip, point, and spray. 


Hot peppers and more. Mace® Brand Police Pepper Spray also contains UV detection dye. The dye can be detected for several hours after it is washed off skin. This is a great tool to help officers identify suspects several hours after they have been sprayed. 

This pepper spray causes eyes to slam shut, coughing, and an intense burning sensation to skin. It also causes respiratory distress for about 45 minutes to an hour. This spray is the maximum strength pepper spray allowed by law, and it sprays up to 12 feet. 


We're proud to let you know our "Triple Action Police Model" was just recognized as the top choice in a very recent review published by the Chicago Tribune.

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In addition to preparing yourself with a personal safety device, here are some additional safety tips from Officer Sarah Shendy, who is a police officer in Copley, Ohio, and also is in charge of recruiting new officers for the state of Ohio.


1.  Trust your gut!

Your gut instinct is your sixth sense. It is there to keep you safe and alive. Human intuition helps to keep us out of harm's way because we really can feel when something is "off" even if we cannot put our finger on it. If you do feel that something doesn't feel right, do not hesitate to take action, leave the situation, or decline another person access your home, car, or personal space.

You should trust your gut and say "no," or call for help. Nothing is worth risking your safety. In the book “The Gift Of Fear” Gavin de Becker details case after case that turned into tragic situations when intuition was ignored and undermined. The fear that we feel is a gift, always tune in to what your body is trying to tell you. 

2. Decision making is your best line of defense. 

This seems like common sense, but a lot of people underestimate the power of good decision making. Life and death situations are the difference between saying “yes” and saying “no.” When making decisions, think about risk versus reward. "What am I risking if I do this, and what will my reward be?" If the risk posed is your personal safety, the answer is always “no.” Every decision impacts us in some way; whether it is what we eat, drink, the company we keep, etc. Though these decisions may seem small, they can contribute largely to our overall safety.

3. Be vigilant and aware of your surroundings at all times.

I don’t expect the civilian population to be as hyper-vigilant as law enforcement officers, but I do recommend everyone to be vigilant. I will never forget the time I saw a young woman in the airport sitting in a corner, facing a wall, listening to headphones as she typed away on her laptop. I stopped and thought “wow, she has no idea what is going on behind her and wouldn’t be able to react if anything happened.” What if there was a violent incident? What if someone became angry and threw a table or chair in her way? What if a fire started or someone was having a medical emergency? The list of questions in my head was non-stop. The sooner you can spot danger or a threat in your environment, the sooner you can react. You don’t need military or law enforcement experience to be able to read body language, sense agitation, or predict that someone may become violent. If you watch people around you and their behavior, you may be able to guess their next move. Whenever you are in a public space, always know your surroundings: know where the exits are, know your location in case of an emergency, pay attention to other vehicles on the roadway.

Thanks to officer Sarah Shendy. Stay safe everyone. At Mace® Brand , it's our mission to provide community and family safety through individual empowerment. 


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