Survivor Story - Personal Size Pepper Spray Thwarts San Francisco Attack

In San Francisco, an elderly couple was taking the bus home when they noticed they were being followed. Fortunately, the man was carrying pepper spray from Mace® Brand, "just in case." What quickly unfolded came as a surprise to everyone.


It's a story shared by the son of the couple that was involved. Just a week before the incident, Bob bought each of his parents a personal sized pepper spray. He worries about their safety in the city and wanted to empower his parents to protect themselves if a situation were to ever arise.

San Francisco is very crowded, and Bob says his parents, who are retired, often take public transportation. On this day, they were on their way home from a day trip, just two blocks from their house, when they noticed they were being followed by two men.


Soon after getting off the bus, Bob says his parents kept an eye on the two men, who started running toward the elderly couple. His mom started to scream when she saw that one of the men was waving a steel pipe.

Bob's dad was able to point and shoot his pepper spray right at one of the men, hitting him directly in the face. Instantly, the man grabbed his head on both sides and bent down, before running off with the other would-be assailant.


"It's legal, it's compact, it's the perfect product for empowerment and self-defense," Bob says. "I'm so glad I got it for them, MACE® saves lives. This is a debt that my family will owe to MACE® for a long time."

BOB'S MISSION - Stop Asian Hate

Bob is now very involved in the "Stop Asian Hate" movement in Oakland, California. In Oakland there are daily attacks and robberies against vulnerable elderly Asians. Bob helps organize a neighborhood watch group with citizen volunteer foot patrols, and he carries pepper spray while on patrol.

Just as he helped his own parents, Bob is dedicated to the "Stop Asian Hate" movement and empowering local residents with safety products and advice that gives them the confidence to protect themselves.

Safety Tips for Seniors

How do you empower elderly family and friends to stay safe? Here are some tips to share:

  • When leaving the house, communicate where you're going with a close family member or friend
  • Introduce yourself to a local neighborhood watch group to expand your circle of support
  • Consider travelling and running errands with a friend or group
  • Carry a personal safety device such as Mace® Brand pepper spray

Personal Pepper Spray - Black | Mace® Brand

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