Mace® Brand Stun Device Protects Healthcare Worker - Erin's Story

She works in the healthcare industry, and what happened on the way home from work could have turned into a life-changing event. It is an important safety reminder for all of us, and especially for women who are often targeted when they find themselves in vulnerable positions. Would you know what to do? Are you prepared to protect yourself? 


Erin had just finished her shift. She was alone, late at night, and still in her scrubs. She pulled into a gas station and noticed what she says was "a suspicious looking man" hanging around the entrance.

 What happened next still makes her heart skip a few beats:

"He looked my direction and I knew I should grab my pink stun device, which I ALWAYS have charged up in my vehicle. I placed it in my pocket and exited my vehicle with my hand on it. The man began coming toward me, I walked and tried to ignore him, then he walked even closer and was saying 'hey lady, hey ma'am.'  At this point he was dangerously close to invading my personal space . I took my hot pink stun device out and screamed 'I will stun you buddy, no questions asked,' he was visibly shocked and bolted off running." 

After the man ran away, Erin was able to enter the gas station and alert a worker about what just happened. She made it home safely that night, and says if she had not been carrying her Mace® Brand ergo stun device, she's not sure what would have happened.


Eric says what makes her device especially useful is how easily it fits into her pocket. She talks to her co-workers about carrying a stun device and recommends that everyone have one.  She pointed out another benefit of a stun device: you can discharge it in the air as a warning before any attacker gets near.

 "I definitely feel safer when I have my stun device with me, I don't feel like I would be an easy target. I prefer a stun device to a spray because I could potentially get the spray on my face."

"Attacks are not a rare occurrence and anyone who works at a hospital emergency room knows this, we are the ones responding to the assaults when they happen, they are an unfortunate reality that we cannot deny, the only option is to be as prepared as possible."


"I recommend that anyone who is uncomfortable to carry a stun device. It could quite literally save your life.Thanks for making this, and for making me safer."



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