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You have plenty of time left this year to enjoy the great outdoors. Many of us get outside in all seasons, regardless of the weather. And as the legendary boxer Jack Dempsey said, 'The best defense is a good offense', and that holds true when considering your personal safety when heading outdoors. Come along as we guide you through several favorite family outdoor activities, and help you with staying safe outside and empowering yourself along the way.


What should every camper have? A hotel reservation, just kidding. Camping remains a popular choice for families, and you're probably aware that bear sightings and encounters have been on the rise this year. It seems every week we've seen video of bears invading housing developments, or we read about campers or hikers having contact with bears, some of the meetings have turned deadly.

It's best to prepare for staying safe outside by researching the area where you'll be camping, and preparing for any wildlife encounters you might have. Guard Alaska bear spray is a smart idea. Black bears and grizzly bears have surprised hikers and campers in several states this year. Be prepared, empower yourself.

 More camping safety tips: 

  • Monitor the weather every day 
  • Always stay aware of your surroundings and choose your camping location carefully
  • Be aware of fire safety
  • Be sure to have the right gear



    What could possibly go wrong while fishing? Isn't this one of the safest outdoor activities on the planet?  

    We're committed to providing community and family safety through individual empowerment. Think about the weather, and other people. 

    Excessive sun exposure should be avoided, put it on your personal safety list. Wear a hat and sun glasses, use sunscreen, and consider a breathable, long-sleeved fishing shirt. Some fishing shirts even have a lightweight hoodie you can use to protect your head and neck from the sun. 

    Be prepared for changing weather conditions. You don't want to be fishing in the middle of a thunderstorm. Fishing rods are usually made of carbon fiber or graphite, two excellent conductors of electricity. It's not a good idea to be holding a fishing pole with lightning nearby.  

    Be aware of other people. We recently shared the story of two brothers who had hoped to spend a relaxing afternoon fishing together, but one brother had to use his Mace® Brand police model pepper spray during an encounter with a stranger. The brother told us he owned several types of pepper sprays, and practiced spraying them often, and that made the difference, empowering him to react. Both brothers were not hurt. 

    Safety in, around, and on the water in a boat or other watercraft needs to be a constant. Lifejackets save lives, and you should be familiar with proper water rescue training and survival techniques. 



    Bears, bears, bears. They're in the news, and as we mentioned, stories of hikers encountering bears are frequent. Prepare yourself. Mace® Brand can offer outside safety tips and tools to help empower you. Our Guard Alaska Bear Spray is in stock and ready to protect you and your family. 

    We've also put together a video to show you how to use it, should you encounter a bear on your hike.

     More hiking tips

    • Hike in a group or with at least one other person
    • Text someone where you're going, and when you plan to return
    • Carry enough water
    • Stay on the marked trail
    • Don't put yourself in danger for a picture


    Did you know pepper gel is usually a better choice for outdoor use because it's less likely to be affected by the wind? We invented pepper gel, we call it the "stickier cousin" of our MACE® pepper spray. 

    And if you're a dog walker, we've got you covered as well. Mace® Brand Muzzle Dog Repellent pepper spray provides humane defense against dogs that might not be as friendly as yours. 

    If you're not quite sure which personal safety product is best for you, check out our buyer's guide. Stay safe and enjoy the great outdoors!


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