Combating Stress - 5 Tips for Nurses

You've seen the signs, "Heroes work here."

Nursing can be a rewarding career. But it can also be stressful because of the long hours, the fatigue, and the pressure that comes with taking care of patients. If you're a nurse, to successfully take care of others, you need to take care of yourself.

Taking time to unwind and find greater balance benefits nurses, and also their patients. Here are 5 tips for how to combat stress as a nurse.


Stress and sleep have an interesting relationship for everyone, and especially for nurses. Stress can cause sleep problems, and sleep problems can intensify stress. By improving sleep quality, nursing professionals can usually reduce their stress and improve their performance in the workplace. Many things can create sleep disruption. Being overloaded at a job can make it much more difficult to unwind and get good sleep. 


Learning to meditate is a great way to relieve stress. Meditation also helps to lower blood pressure and relieve anxiety. Compassion is important to nurses and all medical professionals. Studies have found that meditation increases the ability of the brain to recognize the emotions and concerns of others.


Get outside and enjoy. Walking, biking, and hiking are all good stress relievers along with most other forms of exercise. Wear sunscreen and enjoy as much natural sunlight as you can. Plenty of sun and vitamin D are great for combating stress.


Gardening, landscaping, and rock collecting are all good hobbies that also get you outside. Some indoor hobbies include reading, collecting stamps or coins, knitting, baking, cooking, or scrapbooking. Hobbies can take your mind off of your work, and help you combat stress.


Yes, there are many ways to relieve stress, but it's also important to "leave it at work" when you walk out the door. Because you are a nurse, you are naturally compassionate, caring, and giving. Sure, some days you can't avoid taking things home with you, but being able to separate your work life from your home life should be a priority. 

Good stress relief suggestions include finding something to do that makes you feel good outside of work. Seek out new experiences, enjoy a hobby, exercise, meditate, and be aware of your sleeping patterns. There is substantial stress in the healthcare profession, and all healthcare workers are every bit as human as the rest of us. If you're a nurse, know that you're making a positive difference in the lives of many.

The better you are at recognizing how to combat stress, the more prepared you'll be to do a great job.


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