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If you sit at a desk for hours at work or have ever felt neck or back pain after a long day the Mayo Clinic has a number of tips for personal safety at work to make your day less painful and more pleasurable:

  • Make sure that your chair is adjusted properly so that your feet rest firmly on the floor
  • Keep items of frequent use nearby to avoid any unnecessary movement
  • Keep your wrist relaxed and in a straight position while typing and make sure you have the mouse near to your keyboard
  • Always use a headset if you talk on the phone frequently throughout the day to avoid neck strain
  • Be aware of your posture and make sure to allow for plenty of space under your desk so that you can sit comfortably with plenty of room to change positions
  • Avoid staring too closely at the screen or any fixed object for a long period of time.
  • At the same time, however, because printed documents need more illumination than a computer screen, be weary of switching your glance from the screen to the documents. The CCOHS recommends putting a lamp near your documents.
  • Look away from the computer every so often and focus on an object in the distance.
  • Make sure you are properly trained before operating a forklift
  • Do not travel too fast
  • Ensure that the forklift is in good working order
  • Never exceed the recommended load limit
  • Be aware of any obstructions in the path of the forklift
  • Ensure that you are not blocking a fire exit
  • Stay IN the forklift in the event that it overturns
  • Make sure that all appliances are off before leaving work
  • Use only grounded appliances and be aware of any strange smell an appliance may be given off. In that event, unplug the appliance
  • Equipment may overheat and catch fire if the plugs are securely positioned in a three-prong outlet
  • Ensure that independent laboratory testing has approved all office appliances

In terms of reducing eye discomfort from staring at a screen all day, Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) also has pointers for maintaining safe working environments and keeping your eyes safe in front of the screen:

Warehouse safety is also of paramount concern given the substantial risks associated with work on and around forklifts and the CCOHS has a set of rules designed to minimize the amount of deaths and forklift-related injuries:

And lastly, electrical hazards are also a point of concern in the workplace and the Georgia Institute for Technology asserts that electrical equipment can be hazardous if not properly maintained:

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