Where Can I Buy a Stun Gun?

Your Questions, Answered: Where Can I Buy a Stun Gun?

Mace® Brand stun guns are a convenient, easy-to-use personal safety device that helps protect your well-being. Our stun guns and other personal safety products can be purchased right here at Mace.com. Our Compact Stun Gun is also available at Walmart. There is no waiting period or license needed, so it’s easy to purchase. Mace® Brand offers a wide variety of non-lethal personal safety products to help keep our community feeling safe and confident.

How to use a stun gun

A stun gun offers defense at long and short distances. A “spark test” can be used when you believe a threat is approaching. The electrical arc and loud snapping sound is a great way to signal you’re armed. Plus, this can help you remain at a safe distance from an attacker, which makes it easier to get to safety.

If the situation escalates and you believe it’s necessary to use the stun gun on an assailant, hold the electrodes against the person’s body and depress the stun button. The most effective stun locations are the shoulder, hip, thigh, buttocks, and below the rib cage.

Practice makes perfect

Some people feel apprehensive about using a stun gun, and that’s natural if you haven’t used one before. This how-to video can get you up to speed. It will show you how to arm the device, how to spark the stun gun, and how to shock an attacker at close range. Then, spend some time familiarizing yourself with the stun gun’s features like the charger and the LED flashlight. Mace® Brand stun gun is an easy to use product with important features to help keep you safe.

Once you feel more comfortable, start carrying the Mace ® Brand stun gun with you. Whether you’re working in a large office, walking home late at night, or taking public transportation, a stun gun can be your protective shield. 

Build your confidence. Explore Mace® Brand stun guns to enhance your personal safety.


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