What Makes a Good Nurse?


We've all felt the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the nurses on the front lines have really seen and felt the impact. Countless nurses have quit, retired, or lost their lives because of the pandemic. According to the American Nurses Association, we'll need more than one million nurses to replace those who are no longer in the profession by 2022. A staggering number. It takes a special personality type to make a career in nursing work. Let's take a look at several of the key qualities of a good nurse.



You hear the word again and again in the healthcare industry, but what does it really mean? Good nursing qualities include a strong awareness and sympathy for another person's condition without making a judgment. Research shows that a nurse's compassion can actually help lesson a patient's suffering.


Think about what a nurse does on a daily basis. When it comes to giving medication or providing care, details matter. Patients and doctors must rely on nurses to be careful and focused. The best nurses pay close attention to the smallest details because they realize how important every detail really is when it comes to patient care. 


 It's critical to keep your cool when quick decisions are needed in a medical situation. Confidence for nurses grows through knowledge. Those who know the technical aspects of nursing well are better equipped to make calm, rational decisions while under pressure. 


Nurses are usually assigned to several patients and each has their own needs and wants. It's important to be able to manage time and meet those needs in an efficient manner.


A patient's health can change within seconds during an emergency situation and in some cases during a seemingly normal situation. Good nursing characteristics include being able to think and react quickly. Each second spent weighing what needs to be done is a second that could matter in the proper care of a patient.


Nurses and everyone in the healthcare profession need to make personal safety a top priority. The walks to and from parking areas are especially challenging.  Are your prepared? Do you feel empowered and confident? What if you are approached while heading to your vehicle and perhaps distracted by a rough shift? Could you protect yourself?

There's power in being prepared, and carrying a Mace® Brand pepper gel or pepper spray is a smart move.



Nurses work long hours. Many shifts are 12 hours or more. Nurses need to have the physical endurance to handle these hours, many spent standing and walking on hard floors. It is a mentally challenging position as well, considering the high-stress situations often seen in the medical industry. All nurses also need to be aware of a condition called Compassion Fatigue. It is mainly characterized by physical and emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and isolation. Compassion fatigue can happen at any time during a nursing career.


The best nurses have outstanding endurance and are quick thinkers. They can manage time well, and remain calm under pressure. A strong sense of compassion and attention to detail are also important qualities needed.


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