What Is Pepper Spray and Why Should I Carry It?

What Is Pepper Spray and Why Should I Carry It?

Pepper Spray Provides Powerful Defense

Pepper spray is a non-lethal personal safety product that can help keep you safe. Just having pepper spray in your hand can scare off an attacker. If that doesn’t do it, a blast of pepper spray stops almost anyone in their tracks. Whether the threat comes from a person or animal, pepper spray is a highly effective deterrent that delivers immediate results.

Another benefit of pepper spray is that you can ward off a threat at a distance. If you feel you’re in danger, Mace® Brand pepper spray can be sprayed from 6 to 15 feet away. That space gives you a valuable advantage: Room to get out of the situation so you can find safety.

Always Make Sure You’re Ready

No one should walk around scared that threats are lurking around every corner. But the reality is that unexpected situations arise. Mace® Brand pepper spray can be your protective shield as you walk through life. When you’re prepared, it’s much easier to live with less worry. Because you know you’ve got this if something scary happens. 

Put your Mace® Brand pepper spray on your keychain, in your purse or bag,or simply put it in your pocket. It’s easy to use if you need it. This short how-to-video showyou just how simple it is to use pepper spray.

Build your confidence. Explore Mace® Brand pepper sprays to enhance your personal safety.

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