Unicorns & Polka Dots Spotlight

Meet the Northeast Ohio Organization Committed to Helping People Rebuild Their Life After Addiction.

The State of Ohio, where Mace® Brand’s headquarters is located, has been hit hard by the opioid epidemic. But, this blog post isn’t to rehash the startling data related to the crisis—a quick Google search will tell the story of what’s happening in Ohio and other states. 

Instead, we’re going to share a story about Unicorns & Polka Dots, an organization working on the frontlines to help those in recovery successfully transition to life after addiction. The team at Mace® is partnering with Unicorns & Polka Dots to provide self-defense training to their participants in the coming months.

Turning Tragedy Into Opportunity

Joe Brady founded Unicorns & Polka Dots following the loss of his daughter Brianna in 2021 to an accidental opioid overdose. The organization was created in Brianna’s memory to prevent other families from experiencing the pain of losing someone to addiction. 

The goal of Unicorns & Polka Dots is to be an ally at a critical time to those in recovery from substance use disorder (SUD). Often, people in recovery become overwhelmed trying to get back on their feet. They need support to strengthen their self-esteem, build self-confidence, and redefine their purpose as they work to move forward. That’s where Unicorns & Polka Dots enter the picture. 

Supporting Successful Recovery

Unicorns & Polka Dots works directly with recovery housing networks and peer support groups to provide access to life skill resources when needed most. People in recovery stand a far greater chance of maintaining sobriety when they find meaning and purpose in life. The goal is to help those in recovery get beyond survival mode to thriving.

Some of the life skills include furthering education, self-care and physical fitness, learning how to set goals, pursuing hobbies, restoring credit and developing financial acumen, job search and career support, finding mentors and life coaches, establishing healthy relationships, and locating housing and potential roommates. 

A Cause Worth Your Support

Unicorns & Polka Dots is rewriting the narrative about substance use disorder (SUD) by helping people in recovery identify and implement the life skills needed to thrive and live a purposeful and productive life. Learn more at https://unicorns-polkadots.org/.

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