Unusual Ways to Improve Your Heart - Mace Brand Can Help

A new year brings resolutions and new goals - many of us want to improve our health and keep personal safety a main priority. At Mace® Brand, we focus on providing community and family safety through individual empowerment. One of the ways to empower yourself is to maintain a healthy heart so you can enjoy your family and loved ones. Let's take a look at four unusual ways to help your heart while keeping personal safety top of mind.


While laughing isn't unusual, most of us don't consider it a healthy heart habit. Perhaps we should. Laughing dilates blood vessels, which increases blood flow and reduces blood pressure. When you laugh, your heart rate increases and you take many more deep breaths. This leads to more oxygenated blood going through your body. Your blood vessels function much better, which can lead to better circulation and help reduce your risk of heart disease. 



If you already walk a dog on a regular basis, you know some pets can lead you on an aerobic adventure. And that's good for your heart. Many animal shelters just don't have enough volunteers to exercise the animals. Exercising the animals is a great way for you to get some exercise as well. It's a scheduled routine that is a win for the animals and a win for you. Be sure to take along a Mace® Brand Muzzle Dog Repellent spray. You never know when you'll encounter an unfriendly animal. The spray allows you to ensure your personal safety, and does not harm the animals.


Music to your ears can also be a bonus to your heart. While a daily dose of Handel for your heart won't clean any arteries, it can help reduce stress and perhaps lower your blood pressure. At Massachusetts General Hospital, a nursing team found that heart patients confined to a bed who listened to music for 30-minutes every day had lower blood pressure, slower heart rates, and less distress than those who didn't listen to music. (Source: Harvard Health publishing)



Our final unusual tip to improve your heart health involves eating dark chocolate - in moderation of course. Hundreds of studies have found that dark chocolate helps keep heart and blood vessels in shape. It may decrease inflammation, reduce your chances of having a stroke, lower the risk of heart rhythm problems, and even improve cholesterol levels. (Source: Cleveland Heart Lab)


 We wonder if this lady is eating dark chocolate while walking her dog and laughing. Perhaps if she plugged into some soothing music she could do all four unusual heart health tips at once. Stay safe everyone. 

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