Stun Gun vs Taser: What is the Difference?

Two of the most popular devices used for personal protection are stun guns and tasers. Both security products use an electric shock to ward off an attacker, but each has a specific purpose and application.


How They Work

Tasers look like a gun since they have a barrel shape and a trigger. The taser shoots out electrical probes that reach targets at a distance of up to 15 feet. On average, a taser emits about 50,000 volts, which can affect muscle movement. A taser is a single shot device that requires skill and accuracy to use effectively.


Stun guns are a direct contact device that emits a high pulse frequency to restrict movement. They release about 1,200 volts. The shock can only be applied at close range, but it can be used multiple times. You can also signal to an attacker that you are armed with a “shock test”, where you press the stun button on the stun gun and show the electricity arc across the two metal probes on the front of the stun gun.  This is a very effective way to deter an attacker. 


Price and Features

The price range for tasers and stun guns are drastically different. A Mace® Brand stun gun is typically less than $50, while a taser is close to $300 depending on the brand of choice.


The stun gun is convenient to carry around with you wherever you go, which is not the case with a Taser.  In addition, a Mace® Brand stun gun has security features that aren’t present in a taser device. The Mace® Brand stun gun has a bright LED light, a strobe light, and emits a loud spark sound, which as stated acts as a deterrent to potential attackers. A taser does not provide alternative security measures.


Mace® Brand’s focus is on keeping our community feeling safe with our world-class personal safety products. Mace® Brand offers a variety of safety products including the stun gun to ensure the well-being of you and your loved ones.


Build your confidence. Explore Mace® Brand stun guns to enhance your personal safety.

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