Rideshare Driver Safety from Mace® Brand - How to Protect Yourself

Meeting someone you don't know can be stressful. Driving someone you don't know can be worse. Rideshare drivers do both, it's part of the job. But what isn't part of the job is risking personal safety. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens when strangers get together in a rideshare vehicle. Do you know what steps to take to help ensure your safety? Both riders and drivers need to be cautious. As a rideshare driver, there are several things you can do to empower yourself and make sure your personal safety is not put in jeopardy. Mace® Brand believes in the power of being prepared. Let us guide you through some practical advice for rideshare app and taxi driver safety.


Know who you are picking up, and make sure that person is the actual person about to get into your vehicle. It's ok to roll down your window and ask the person's name before you let that person get in. A straightforward "tell me your name" is a good approach. If they won't tell you, or what they say doesn't match the name on your rideshare app, that's a red flag. Don't take a chance. 


They're much cheaper and the quality continues to improve. Look for a dashcam with a dual lens, which includes a front and inside view. This becomes your trusted safety companion. Dashcams are the eyes and ears of insurance providers and most law enforcement agencies. They are extremely popular with professional drivers, and are a smart choice to help ensure your personal safety.  


Everyone likes a professional, friendly driver. However, you should never release specific personal information about yourself. You never know the intentions a rider may have if he or she learns your address or phone number. 


Always drive safely and follow the rules of the road. Sometimes riders are in a hurry and can be a bit impatient. Rideshare companies provide specific guidelines to help ensure your personal safety. Use them as an empowerment tool. For example, you can always explain to a rider that you must abide by the safety guidelines as spelled out by your rideshare agreement. 


At MACE®, we believe there is power and safety in proper preparation. That's why we've prepared a rideshare safety kit for drivers. The kit includes a can of pepper gel, designed for protection should you encounter a threat outside of your vehicle, and a powerful stun device you can use anywhere. Cleaning up the inside of your vehicle is never an easy task, and the residue and mist a spray leaves behind is not something you want to deal with. 


As a rideshare driver, do you know what to do in case of an emergency? What steps do you follow? Have you thought about it? All rideshare apps have features installed to contact the support team and/or authorities with one push of a button. Familiarized yourself with this process so you don't even have to think about what to do if an emergency develops. Your personal safety and the safety of your passengers could depend on it. At Mace® Brand, we believe in providing community and family safety through individual empowerment.  


Leave your rider a review after each trip is finished. Sometimes things just don't click between rider and driver. The reviews help rideshare companies avoid matching drivers and riders who are not compatible.

Don't allow anyone to bring a weapon into your vehicle.

Develop a plan for riders who appear intoxicated or under the influence.

Keep your vehicle in good shape.

Happy driving, and stay safe!


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