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Every Runner Needs To Read This Before One Foot Hits the Ground.

On February 22, 2024, a young woman left her residence for a run and didn’t come home. Sadly, we’ve all heard these tragic stories too many times.

The murder of Laken Riley is another reminder to the team here at Mace® Brand that life is short and precious. But in our minds, that isn’t enough. 

There’s nothing more tragic than a young life cut short. What makes it even more disheartening, is that this young girl was simply going out to exercise—maybe to clear her mind or just take care of her body—and she was taken from this life. 

With this tragedy weighing on our minds, the team at Mace is determined to make sure everyone who leaves the house for a run is fully prepared. 

Before continuing

We don’t know if Laken Riley had any personal safety device with her or if it would have helped her. We only know she attempted to call 911. So, we’re not here to say the victim did anything right or wrong. No victim blaming will ever come from our team. 

We simply want every runner to be safe and to return home to their loved ones. 

Always run prepared 

Before you go out on a run, you probably put on comfortable clothes for running. You also likely put on your favorite running shoes. Grab your phone or smartwatch and keys. So, you’re ready to go, right? Wrong.   

If you’re running out the door before you grab your personal safety device, you’re leaving yourself at a disadvantage. If you encounter a threat—be it a person or animal—all you have is your feet or phone to help you. In that scenario, if you had pepper spray in your hand, you would have a fighting chance. Another chance to get home safe. 

How can you stay safe?

Last year, we shared these tips with our readers in the spirit of generating greater awareness. But, as we continue to hear of tragic events like what happened to Laken Riley, let’s quickly review. Every time you go out for a run or walk, please make sure to take these steps to stay safe: 

  • Tell someone where you are going
  • Don’t run in secluded places
  • Stay aware of your surroundings
  • Don’t use headphones
  • Mix up your route 
  • Trust your instincts 
  • Carry your personal safety device

What self-defense tool is right for you?

If you’re wondering what personal safety device is right for you, we have you covered. No matter what you choose, Mace® Brand gives you powerful, non-lethal protection.

Here are a few runner favorites:

Remember always run prepared and stay safe out there!

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