Mace® Brand Compact Stun Gun Gets the Job Done

When you hear “Stun Gun,” what comes to mind? Perhaps a vision of law enforcement officer using a stun gun to help get a suspect into custody, or maybe thoughts of an attacker crumpling to the ground while having muscle contractions. Either way, most of us know stun guns are effective. A hit from a stun gun is painful, and usually knocks a person to the ground. Stun guns are your best choice for a simple, effective, non-lethal hand held safety device.

If convenience is what you need, then this is the stun gun for you. Weighing only 4 ounces, (the same as a deck of cards) you can easily clip this portable stun gun to your purse, belt, pocket, or bag. We call it the “Compact Stun,” but it still packs the punch you need.  A one second shock from the Mace® Brand Compact Stun Gun will cause pain and minor muscle contractions. Stunning an attacker for three to five seconds will cause loss of balance and muscle control. 

The Mace® Brand Compact Stun also has a bright LED flashlight. This light can momentarily distract an assailant in addition to making your target easier to see. The light on this portable stun gun operates in high, low, and strobe modes. Plusthe impressive electrical arc and loud snapping sound this unit makes often stops an attack before it ever happens! 

You can own that peace of mind, that empowerment, that comes with knowing you can protect yourself. The Mace® Brand Compact Stun Gun comes with a high capacity, rechargeable battery. See how easy this hand held safety device is to use:

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