Keep Mom Safe and Healthy with These 3 Tips

By: Jennifer Cassetta


Every day should be Mother’s Day. Moms deserve our appreciation and gratitude for giving us life, guidance and unconditional love. On Sunday, May 14th let’s show our moms that we not only appreciate them but care for their health and safety as well.

Our moms are most likely the ones that taught us certain personal safety basics from a young age. Things like “stranger danger” or simply “don’t talk strangers” are common tips a young mom will teach her kids. Moms can be our greatest protectors while we are young.

As we age, at least for me, the roles begin to reverse and we start to be more concerned for our parents’ personal safety and health.

Depending on where you are in the cycle of life, your mom may be starting to get to an age where she could use some more assistance than she did previously. If that sounds like you, here is a basic checklist for taking care of your mom and keeping her safe and healthy: 

Make sure your mom is going for her annual health exams

Many people choose not to go to the doctor unless something is wrong, but it’s important to know vital stats and track them from year to year. Things like getting stats from blood work, blood pressure, resting heart rate, and mammograms (especially if breast cancer runs in the family) are fundamental as we age.

Encourage exercise

Support your mom’s exercise routine and if she doesn’t have one, it’s never too late to start. Exercise is going to keep mom’s heart strong, weight managed and bones strong. One of the best health tips for moms is to have a balanced exercise routine that can lower blood pressure, lower blood sugar levels and manage stress and anxiety.

If your mom isn’t the type to head out to the gym, there are plenty of great ways to encourage her to exercise at home. Map out a safe route for her to walk everyday to get her heart rate up. Perhaps she can find a neighbor or friend that will join with her for safety and accountability reasons. My mom has a stationary bike and treadmill at home, which are also great ideas for moms that live in colder climates and can’t get outside all year round. For tech savvy moms, a FitBit or other fitness trackers would be a great gift for Mother’s Day to help them track their fitness and reach their goals.

Provide personal safety and defense products

Last, but so critical, is thinking of mom’s safety. This is something we think about especially if mom is alone. Safety for single moms or moms that have lost their significant others should be high on our priority list.

I absolutely love the Mace Alert 911 as a gift for mom’s personal safety. It will help her reach emergency services by the press of a button. She can wear the device around her neck while she’s out exercising, shopping or home alone. If anything goes wrong and she feels in danger she can easily access 911, instead of having to find her phone. The Mace Alert 911 will track her by GPS and she will have help in no time. What a relief!

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