Identify and Upgrade Your Limiting Beliefs

Sanjay Singh, executive chairman of the board of directors of Mace Security International recently wrote an article titled "Identify and Upgrade Your Limiting Beliefs". 

An excerpt is below. You can read the entire article here

The words of Steve Jobs’ wife, Laurene Powell, at his funeral service struck me. Brent Schlender recounts the moment in his book “Becoming Steve Jobs.” She said, “He shaped how I came to view the world. It is hard enough to see what is already there, to remove the impediments to a clear view of reality, but Steve’s gift was even greater; he saw clearly what was not there, what could be there, what had to be there. His mind was never a captive of reality. Quite the contrary. He imagined what reality lacked, and he set out to remedy it.”

These words were inspiring to me because of their epic sense of possibility with the work that is being done at Mace Security International. The leadership team believes that we are in the first inning of an ambitious plan of profitable growth and prosperity for all of our stakeholders and are deliberately building a team with a culture code that is anchored by our mission of ensuring safety and peace of mind in our community.

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