How To Use Personal Safety Alarms

In addition to pepper sprays for personal defense, Mace® Brand offers a line of portable alarms for personal protection to help keep you safe. Imagine being in a situation where you want to scream but you are paralyzed by fear, or you need to get someone’s attention for immediate help but have no way of reaching out to the people around you. With a Mace Brand personal safety alarm, you don’t have to worry. Mace Brand offers a variety of effective, attention getting personal safety alarms like screechers and whistles that act as a very loud, attention seeking call for help, personal flashers to keep you visible if you are jogging or bike riding at night and even portable multi-purpose alarms that can be temporarily installed on a door and taken with you when you travel. Each Mace Brand personal safety alarm is easy to carry so you’ll always have that extra measure of security with you at all times.

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