Friendly Reminder: Everyone Has the Right to Personal Space

Pepper Spray Social Distance

Keep Your Distance

In elementary school, we all learned to keep our hands to ourselves and respect personal space. If you think about it, social distancing isn’t a new concept. It’s pretty basic. In this day and age, not keeping your distance comes with a serious health risk. For the greater good, we all have an obligation to social distance to keep our friends, family, neighbors, and communities safe.

When we don’t maintain personal space to prevent illness, it’s dangerous. Worse still are those who don’t maintain a distance because they intend harm. That’s where your friend Mace® Brand has your back, and why we’ve been pushing the social distancing message for over 50 years. We are the go-to for personal protection because we offer a non-lethal way to keep people safe.

Trust Common Sense

This isn’t an invitation to pepper spray people at will who cross the six-foot barrier. It’s a reminder that the message is the same. We want people to stay safe, whether it’s to prevent serious illness or to protect your wellbeing. That means: Stay smart. Stay back. Stay safe.If someone persists and means to do you harm, you’re within your rights to protect yourself.

Better Times Ahead

If we all do our part, we have the opportunity to get back the things we miss – dinner with friends, sports, shopping, and traveling. Once that time arrives, we can continue to march forward with confidence with Mace® Brand. And remember, even when it’s not a matter of life and death, it always nice to give people space. Make sure when you are crossing the barrier that behavior is welcomed.  

Gary Medved

President and CEO

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