Eight Ways a Mobile App Can Keep Your Child Safe

Have you ever been at work and wondered what your kids are doing? Does the quiet night out still make you nervous because you aren’t sure the babysitter can handle your children while you are away?

Because of the popularity of smartphones, it is no surprise that mobile apps have become a popular way for parents to keep a closer eye on their kids. Using a home computer or mobile phone, you can now access a wealth of information about your child in just a few clicks — including online behaviors, daily activities and even his or her location. Here are some ways a mobile app can help you keep your child safe even when you are on the go.

Child safety apps

A quick search for “child safety apps” will lead you to hundreds of apps specifically designed for parents. Download one of these options to do things like:

  1. Track your child’s location (or driving speed) and be notified if your child goes outside of a known area
  2. Store health data such as allergies and medical conditions in case of emergency
  3. Keep tabs on social media activity, block certain apps and limit hours of use

Monitoring your child at home

You can also monitor your child within your home using a camera-enabled security system. Many home security systems are now equipped with technology to send real-time video directly to a corresponding cell phone app, allowing you to:

  1. Watch a child who’s home sick from school
  2. Check on babysitters
  3. Make sure your kids got home safely after school
  4. Keep an eye on teens to ensure they’re not sneaking out at night
  5. Monitor the friends your child brings in to your home

In addition, some security systems include interactive features such as two-way audio, video chat and motion sensors so that you can hear or speak to your children from a remote location or be alerted when someone uses your security system or attempts to enter your property. If for any reason the security system is deactivated, an app can alert you to that, as well.

Whether you want to stay connected or add an extra layer of protection, mobile apps are a convenient and affordable way to keep watch over your child, even when you aren’t physically present. Because there new apps being created every day, you also have plenty of options to help you keep your family safe.

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