Halloween Safety, Why Preparation is the Key - Mace® Brand Can Help


It's just about here, Halloween. While Halloween is a time for fun and celebration, it is also a holiday where personal safety must be top-of-mind. Mace® Brand is here to help.

First and foremost, don't forget to take a personal safety device, such as our Pocket Neon Pepper Spray, along when you take the kids trick-or-treating. Or, if your kids are old enough to go alone, then arm them with a Personal Alarm Keychain to ensure they can attract attention to any scary situations.

Here are some additional Halloween safety tips: 


With large crowds and kids in costumes, it can be easy to get separated from your child while out trick-or-treating. Have a meeting place prepared, and make sure your child knows their home address so they can ask for help in case they get lost. Some additional tips to consider:

  • Choose a costume for your child that doesn't obstruct your child's vision. Those masks with the small eye holes may look cool, but they tend to slide around and can make walking a challenge.
  • Provide adult supervision for all kids 12 and under
  • Stay on sidewalks
  • Carry a light
  • Add reflective tape or stickers to your child's costume.


  • Stash the treats - chocolate and other candies can be harmful to your pet, so keep all candy safety stored
  • Keep your pet indoors - the lights and sounds of Halloween can scare your pet and cause them to run off if they are outside
  • Create a safe room - it's a place to keep your pet if your door will be opened frequently for trick-or-treaters
  • Keep pet costumes safe - avoid costume with small pieces that can be chewed on
  • Avoid burns - pets love candles and open flames in pumpkins


Prepare yourself with a colorful alarm for the kids, and a pepper spray for mom, dad, or big brother or sister to carry. We've made it simple. This Halloween safety kit includes a personal alarm which has a built-in whistle, and our Mace® Brand pepper spray is so easy to carry.



When preparing your home for Halloween, turn on lots of lights, get rid of leaves, and remove those yard hazards. Remember, kids will most likely be walking in your yard and across your lawn, plus they're drawn to houses that have well-lit pathways to follow. 

Try mini LED lights to illuminate pumpkins instead of candles. Pull your car in the garage if you can, and close your garage door when it's time for trick-or-treaters.

Consider a long table that's set-up outside your door that includes your treats. You can still hand out the candy, and the table acts as a natural barrier and eliminates the need for you to constantly open and close the door to your home.


Carry a flashlight or better yet, a Night Defender pepper gel from Mace® Brand. The gel comes with an LED light, and is designed to be used outdoors. 


Prepare yourself and your family to have fun this Halloween. Personal safety just takes a little preparation, and the memories you create by providing a safe environment are priceless.

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