6 Must Have Safety Gadgets Every Guy Should Have

By: Jennifer Cassetta



Father’s Day is fast approaching and falls on Sunday, June 18th. Do you need ideas of what to get Dad to let him know that you care and appreciate him? The following are my favorite must-have gadgets for men that every guy should have:

Mace Brand Flashlight and Stun Gun

A stun gun is a great idea for a Dad who doesn’t want a real gun in his home or on his person. This Mace Brand stun gun also has a flashlight, so it’s great to protect Dad against a nighttime intruder or for him to keep in his car.

2 Way Radio

What guy doesn’t wouldn’t like a set of walkie-talkies? They may sound like a kid’s toy but if your Dad is an outdoorsman he could really use these safety gadgets for men. Using 2-way radios to communicate with his camping, hiking or snowboarding buddy can keep him safe if he got into any trouble, got injured or simply lost his way.

Portable Charger

Anyone who uses a smartphone, tablet or laptop can use a portable charger for those times when there’s no place to plug in. If Dad travels a lot, this is a great gift for him to pack in his carry-on to make sure he is powered up even when travel delays get in the way. I particularly like portable chargers that have the option to use solar power for energy like this one from Goal Zero.

Ring Video Doorbell

I love this for older parents who live alone and could use the extra protection. Ring allows you to virtually answer your door and actually speak to someone at your doorstep. Ring provides your with cameras that you can easily install around your house and at your main door. When someone rings the doorbell, you will get a notification on your smartphone and you can see who’s there and speak if you want, without actually being home! If you are at home, you’ll be able to see who’s there and choose if you want to get the door or not. You must have wireless internet to use this service.


Headlamps aren’t just for miners. Keeping a headlamp in dad’s bedside table is a great backup in case the electricity goes out and he has to get up to check out a noise or even just to go to the bathroom. He may even wear it to read in bed if Mom has an earlier bedtime. Here are some different headlamps that make cool gifts for men from REI.

Mace Brand Alert 911

Again, if Dad is getting up there in the years, the Mace Brand Alert 911 is a great tool to keep him safe if anything suddenly happened to his health. He can wear it around his neck at home or when he’s out and about and when pressed, it will call 911 for him. If he’s fallen on the sidewalk or has sudden pain in his chest, 911 can be a button push away, versus having to find his phone that may not be on his person.

Happy Father’s Day to all of the Dads out there!

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