5 Travel Safety Tips for the Holiday Season

Whether you’re visiting family or friends for a holiday party, or heading back to campus after winter break, holiday travel is inevitable. And with it can bring many challenging situations. While it's important to get out and celebrate the holiday season, it's also a time to be vigilant and keep your personal safety and the well-being of your family top of mind. By educating yourself and using the proper tools, you can safely navigate holiday travel. Here are 5 travel safety tips to empower you and your family this season.  


It might seem like common sense, but looking and acting like a tourist can make you an easy target. Always appear like you know where you're going, even if you're not exactly sure. Travel with your head up and shoulders back, and walk with purpose and confidence. Make sure you pay attention to what's going on around you. Situational awareness matters. 


Especially if you have a long trip ahead, it’s important to get out on the road early and avoid driving during the night. And don’t forget, it’s possible to become too comfortable while driving, which can tire you out faster. Make frequent stops to stretch your legs and rest your eyes. Keeping alert is key. Stopping for just a few minutes every few hours can help keep energy levels high. And, make sure you stop at popular rest stops as there is always safety in numbers.


You never know when a medical emergency or a vehicle emergency might happen. A fully charged cell phone is a critical safety tool. Make sure you have a car charger, and consider keeping an extra phone charger or battery-operated charger in your glove compartment.

It’s also helpful to have a personal safety device on hand, should you need to use it during your travels. Consider attaching a personal safety device, like our Police Pepper Spray to your sun visor. The Police Pepper Spray comes with a clip and is the same model used by most police departments. And don’t forget to take it with you when you step out of your car on long drives.

In addition to your cell phone and personal safety device, consider packing an emergency kit for your car that includes other items you may need. Battery jumper cables, water, snacks, a flashlight and a blanket are all items that may come in handy should you have car trouble on your trip.


Want something you can carry anywhere and is legal in all 50 states? Try the Mace® Brand Personal Alarm Keychain. The alarm emits a loud shrieking sound and also comes with a built in whistle to use if you need to attract attention to an unsafe situation during your trip. Plus you can easily attach it to a purse, bookbag, or even your belt loop.

The Pepper Gel Night Defender is a good choice for just about everyone, since it has a built-in LED light and offers protection both indoors and outdoors since the gel won't be affected by wind. You can carry the night defender with you at a rest stop, especially at night since it has that built in light. Another option to consider for your vehicle is the MACE® Compact Stun Gun. It's our most powerful stun gun, and one health care worker we profiled was able to scare her would-be attacker away with just the sound of her stun device. She carried it in the cupholder of her minivan. 


Ensure a trusted family member or friend are familiar with your travel plans, including the route you plan to take, when you are leaving and when you plan to arrive at your destinations, and any areas you plan to stop. Check in with them as much as possible during your trip, even with a simple text message, so that people are up-to-date on your location.

Traveling for the holidays is always filled with excitement. It can be easy to rush to your destination to see family and friends to celebrate. But, it’s important to be prepared and keep safety top of mind so that you can truly enjoy the holiday season. 


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