Debunking the Top Four Myths About Pepper Spray

Pepper spray can help keep you safe, but there are myths out there that can create some confusion. We’re going to separate the facts from the fiction to help you make an informed decision.


Myth #1: Mace® is interchangeable with pepper spray.

Fact: Mace® is a specific brand of pepper spray, just like Kleenex® is a brand of tissues or BAND-AID® is a brand that offers first-aid supplies.

Since we invented pepper spray back in 1970, people incorrectly use the name “mace®” as a substitute word for pepper spray. While there are other brands that sell pepper spray, we are the only brand that supplies authentic Mace® Brand pepper spray.


Myth #2: Wasp spray works.

Fact: Wasp sprays are for killing wasps. Bottom line: It's not for self-defense. There are no meaningful studies that suggest wasp spray is an effective personal self-defense tool. On the other hand, pepper spray has been field-tested since the early 1980s and has a proven track record.



Myth #3: You can't travel with pepper spray.

Fact: As long as your pepper spray is four fluid ounces or less and packed into your checked luggage, it’s TSA-approved.

Pepper spray is also legal to sell and carry in all 50 states. Your state and airline may have specific laws about pepper spray, so it’s always smart to do a little research.


Myth #4: More OC is better.

Fact: The active ingredient in pepper spray comes from hot peppers. It’s called "oleoresin capsicum" - sometimes called “OC." Some people think if you add more hot pepper, it’s better. The truth is that whether your spray has 2% or 10% OC, it’s going to stop a threat in its tracks. The OC percentage only tells you how much is in the product - it’s not a way to indicate strength or potency. 


There’s a lot people don’t know about pepper spray. We know it can be a powerful ally. That’s why we’re here to provide helpful information and tips about how to use it. Visit our FAQ page or shop our products for more info.

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