Pepper Spray Tips

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Your Best Defense in the Wild

Research has shown that bear spray is even more effective than a gun in stopping bear attacks.By: Philip MonahanIn the vast majority of situations, humans and bears coexist peacefully in the wild, and tens of thousands of encounters occur without...

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Holiday Shopping Guide for the Empowered Woman

By: Jennifer CassettaThis holiday season is a great time to honor the empowered women in your life. Whether she is a super accomplished rock star or just starting out on her empowerment journey, the following list contains great gift ideas to...

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How to Avoid Pepper Spray Misfires

Imagine that you're walking in the park when you suddenly see someone nearby acting suspiciously. The person’s appearance and movements tell you this might be someone with bad intentions.Fortunately, you're prepared — you're carrying pepper spray. But do you know...

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Pepper Spray 101

Pepper Spray vs. Pepper GelPepper spray is a popular choice for personal defense that has been around for decades. But it’s not your only compact, self-defense option. Pepper gel is a newer formula that contains the same active ingredient —...

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