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Out Late?

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After an overnight shift, when you’re eager to clock out and get home, personal safety is often last on your mind. Mace Brand products give you the confidence you need to go about your days, and nights without worry. Manufactured and distributed right here in the United States, we are the original and trusted name in personal protection.

All Day Security Kit

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watch our instructional videos so you can leave with confidence should you ever need to use it.

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Dorm Room Safety Kit by Mace BrandDorm Room Safety Kit by Mace Brand
Mace® Brand Dorm Room Safety Kit by Mace Brand
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Mace  All Day Security KitMace  All Day Security Kit
Real Estate Agent Safety KitReal Estate Agent Safety Kit
Apartment Safety Kit by Mace BrandApartment Safety Kit by Mace Brand
Magnum 3 Pepper GelMagnum 3 Pepper Gel
Pepper Gel Magnum 4Pepper Gel Magnum 4
Mace PepperGel Night DefenderPepper Gel Night Defender
Mace PepperGel Home DefensePepper Gel Magnum 9
Sport Defense Spray- BlackSport Defense Spray- Black
Flash Stun Device with FlashlightFlash Stun Device with Flashlight
Sport Defense Spray- Neon BlueSport Defense Spray- Neon Blue
Sport Defense Spray- Neon YellowSport Defense Spray- Neon Yellow
Full Size Defense Spray - Neon OrangeFull Size Defense Spray - Neon Orange
Full Size Defense Spray - Neon YellowFull Size Defense Spray - Neon Yellow
Personal Defense Spray- BlackPersonal Defense Spray- Black
Full Size Defense Spray - Neon BlueFull Size Defense Spray - Neon Blue
Pocket Defense Spray- Neon YellowPocket Defense Spray- Neon Yellow