The Ultimate in Defensive Sprays- Full Sized Tear Gas-Enabled Pepper Sprays - Available in Pink, Yellow, Blue, Orange and Green

Color: Blue
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Our hottest colors teamed up with our most powerful sprays!


 The new Neon Triple Action collection from Mace Brand gives you both fashionable fun colors and the devastating power of pepper spray, teamed with tear gas and UV marking dye.

Mace Personal Sprays are easy to carry, but their full size provides you with the maximum amount of spray sold to consumers by Mace.  Further, the units are equipped with our deluxe swivel clip, making them easy to connect to your keys, purse, backpack or gym bag.

Ideal for women's self defense, the neon high-visibility sprays let others know that you take your personal safety seriously.  If you ever need to use them, you will be delivering a tremendous blow to any attacker that will give you plenty of time to escape but will not permanently harm your assailant.

Mace Triple Action Formula:

The most powerful spray sold by Mace to consumers.  The combination of maximum strength pepper spray and tear gas create instant distress in any attacker.  Severe tearing, shortness of breath and burning are suffered for 30-60 minutes, but no permanent effects are caused.  Further, the UV marking dye gives law enforcement any easy way of confirming an attacker, even the next day.

Personal Sprays:

  • Shoot a stream up to 12 ft
  • Up to 20 bursts can be dispensed
  • Made in the USA

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